Experience informs us that the principal causes of construction disputes are threefold: entering into inappropriate contractual arrangements; deficient record keeping; and poorly produced Final Accounts. We can help you avoid these pitfalls thus ensuring better cost control while maintaining cordial business relations between parties to the project.

We will do this by providing pertinent and concise advice at pre-contract stage; advise upon and if required implement a proper system of record-keeping; identify the incidence of Variations and their affect both as regards time and value; and prepare the Final Account in a manner designed to avoid conflict.

If a position has been reached whereby formal proceedings are necessary to resolve matters we will advise upon the legal and factual merits of your case and thereafter present such in the most efficient and favourable manner available. We have extensive experience of Adjudication, the usual method of resolving construction disputes, and hence are ideally placed to provide effective representation in this regard.